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  • Parents will understand the overwhelming importance of "the ideas in their own heads" and "the ideas in the heads of their kids" when working with their children.

  • Parents will understand the reason many traditional parenting tactics fail to bring positive results.

  • Parents will understand that "the ideas in the heads of their children rule their world," so in order to work effectively with their children's behavior they must use techniques that change how their children think, specifically in making decisions.

  • Parents will learn "five simple rules" that will help them work with their children in a way that will allow maximum access to the ideas in their kid's heads.

Key Concepts:

  • Most parents come to a class like this to "fix" their kids… but, hopefully what you will do is to "fix" yourselves. Change your strategies and the way you think and you will most likely change how you act with your kids and thus...how your children act.

  • Any attempt made at changing human performance (human behavior) that does not address "the ideas in the person's head" is destined to failure. A child's self-image is really defined by what he/she thinks about their role in the world.

  •  Positive changes in "the ideas in kid's heads" bring positive changes in behavior.


  • Parents are to pick one simple behavior exhibited by their children that they would like to change.

  • Then, the parents must pick one of the five rules for parents  presented in lesson 2, to bring about change in the chosen behavior and apply that rule with their children for one full week.

  • The parents must come to the next class prepared to report their observations about what happened regarding the success or failure of their efforts.

Lesson 1 - A model of human performance
Lesson 2 - Five simple rules for parents


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