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Messages of Love


  • Parents will understand the best way to build self-confidence in their kids is by sending a constant message of love. If parents are truly wishing for their children to make really good decisions when presented with the big decisions in their lives, making sure that they know they are unconditionally loved is the key!

  • Parents will understand that simply loving our children is not enough. We must EXPRESS that love daily in a variety of ways. This course outlines ten behaviorally described ways to communicate love to children.

  • Parents will learn to use the “ten ways to share their love” with their kids as a daily exercise.

  • Parents will learn that an expression of love is a wonderful substitute for their angry and frustrated feelings.

Key Concepts:

  • People will not know you love them unless you tell them…  constantly.

  • LOVE is not just something you say; it is something you do. (That does not mean that a parent is relieved of saying the words. You must say the words, but that also is not enough! You must live it!)

  • The time our kids most need to hear a message of love is precisely when we feel least able to send it. It is at that time that their hearts are most open to accept the message!


  • Each day parents will pick one of the ten ways and send at least one message of love to each of their kids every day!!
  • The results will be noted and discussed in the next class meeting.

Send a message of LOVE

Lesson 7 - Teaching Your Values


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