DVD Facilitator's Guide - Lesson 8

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Goal Setting


  • Parents will understand that it is critical to structure techniques/situations to help children say productive things about their own behavior for themselves, to themselves.

  • Parents will learn how to guide their children to take the values they selected in Lesson Seven, and phrase them into Personal, Present, and Positive statements of self-talk (affirmations) that will become the guides to productive decision making.

  • Parents will gain confidence in their ability to guide their children in the selection of very productive and positive "ideas to rule their worlds."

  • Parents will learn how to teach their children about some of the roadblocks that may stand in their way as they begin to select and structure the ideas that will rule their world.

Key Concepts:

  • The ideas in our children's heads do rule their worlds, so we must teach them to input positive and productive ideas in a manner that will bring success. Everybody wants success and fulfillment so why not give your kid the gift that keeps on giving…the power of productive self-talk.

  • It doesn't matter what you say; it is what your child says to him/herself that will determine what becomes their reality.

  • Dreams without proper structure or wording become empty and disappointing letdowns but with expert parental guidance, they become the stairsteps to fulfillment and success.

  • There are a number of roadblocks to be on the lookout for as you are guiding children in goal setting.  These roadblocks can be but taught so they are easily recognized and overcome. These roadblocks: rationalization-blaming circumstances; projection-blaming others; procrastination-putting off until tomorrow; and creative avoidance-not facing up to accountability, can destroy the best laid plans but actually can be fun to thwart if approached properly.


  • Parents will sit down with their children to write some Personal, Present, and Positive statements from their list of possibilities created since last class. Remember: any time that you, as parent, are involved with helping your children to word goals and affirmations you must let the child choose the topic of the goal and it must not be one of their "real" goals because the "real" ones must be kept a secret!

  • Next, parents should encourage their kids to go through the process of wording all of their "top twenty " into affirmations in Personal, Present, and Positive affirmations.


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