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Getting Beyond Crisis Management

The Early Years Parenting with Dignity® is a sincere and compelling approach to teaching parents how to instill a sense of responsible decision making in their kids.

Author Mac Bledsoe, is President and founder of Parenting With Dignity.  He is a parent, school teacher, coach and extraordinary public speaker.

Parenting With Dignity

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Got kids?
A five-point plan for raising responsible, independent kids

In Mac's ground-breaking book Parenting With Dignity, he urges parents to rethink their approach to discipline - to let kids make some of their own decisions, and to experience the consequences early on, so that they can act responsibly when left alone, and become more independent when they grow older.

"Whether we like it or not, our children will make
all of the most important decisions in their lives
on their own; so, as parents, the only thing we
can do is to teach them how to make good decisions".

In these books, you will discover a simple premise of the Parenting with Dignity philosophy, and...

  • The power of ideas

  • Five rules for parents

  • Messages of love

  • Teaching values

  • Goal setting

  • Why punishment doesn't work

  • The boundaries of the home

  • Heroes and role models

  • and much, much more...

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The Early Years
Terrible Twos?The Early Years

In this brand-new book, Mac applies his five rules of parenting to help parents of children aged two to six overcome the most common and frustrating challenges associated with the toddler and pre-school years, such as:

• Acting out behaviors
• Eating problems
• Getting dressed
• Manners
• Sibling rivalry
• Discipline
• Bedtime
• Potty training
• and more
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What They Said
...about Parenting With Dignity...

"Parenting with Dignity works! I know, because when I first met Mac Bledsoe to talk about doing a show for ABC's 20/20, I found myself asking him questions about my own children. By the time we'd shot the show, I was using his techniques with my own family, and they immediately helped. Mac Bledsoe gives good, practical advice!"

-John Stossel of ABC's 20/20

"I met Mac Bledsoe at the Children's Miracle Network national telethon six years ago, and we found that we shared many beliefs about life. We believe that success in life lies in finding solutions to problems. Since that time, I've started a family, and I intend to use much of what is included in Parenting with Dignity with my kids. I especially like the fact that he advocates laughing and playing with children because, as you might expect, I intend to laugh and play with my kids daily!"

-Andy Andrews, entertainer, comedian
and author of The Traveler's Gift and Storms of Perfection

"Mac has a way of connecting with people that makes them feel special and valued. He gives people, young and old alike, a sense of hope and confidence that they can improve their lives. His parenting curriculum is used in our schools, churches, detention centers, and even in private homes. It is one of the most valuable resources in my library here at Yakima County Juvenile Court. Our community owes a great deal of gratitude for the good work Mac has done and continues to do for our parents and young people."

- Robyn Berndt
Washington State Superior Court-Juvenile Court Division


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