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Mac Bledsoe, founder of Parenting With Dignity, in the recording booth.
Mac Bledsoe

President and founder of Parenting With Dignity, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) non-profit. PWD has been featured on the TODAY Show, ABC's 20/20, CBN, and on countless other national and local radio and television programs.

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Our proposal to parents it that you use Sentry Parental Controls as a tool to monitor and control your children's use of the Internet while you use Parenting with Dignity techniques to teach them how to make safe Internet decisions using the morals, values, ethics and spiritual beliefs that you chose for your family.


Books and Videos for Parents
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Parenting with Dignity® teaches parents how to instill a sense of responsible decision making in their kids.  This is a positive approach to parenting that is simple, easily understood, applicable in any situation, and incredibly intuitive.

Learn how to foster happy, self-directed children with a strong value structure and a sense of accountability for their actions. Discover how to teach your children to act appropriately in different situations, and to be confident in their self worth because they know they have the unconditional love of their parents and belief in themselves.  < Mac's Latest articles

Much more...

PWD is a whole lot more than just parenting books and videos. The Parenting With Dignity program provides a demonstrated framework for raising kids in a time when external pressures have never been greater.  Learn new effective parenting skills whether you have toddlers or teens - disciplining and teaching children with love and guidance, we offer parenting books and videos (DVDs in English & Spanish).

Develop a happy home with open lines of communication managed by parents who demonstrate a sense of calm in their relationships with their children, and who remain in control - in an out of control world.

Five Point Plan
A five-point plan for raising responsible, independent kids

In this ground breaking program, the author, Mac Bledsoe, urges parents to rethink their approach to discipline.  As an example, he recommends that parents let kids make some of their own decisions to experience the consequences early on.  In this way, they will learn to act responsibly when left alone, and become more independent when they grow older. 

You can spend 20 years learning how to accomplish this by "experimenting" with hit-or-miss ideas, or you can watch a program that offers a proven plan for raising responsible, self-directed children.



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PWD Focus
Get beyond crisis management

Fundamental to the Parenting With Dignity curriculum is a focus on developing parenting skills that help to address many of the child abuse causes perpetrated by inexperienced and unprepared parents. Help your kids to realize their dreams by:

  • Discovering "the three P's of goal setting" 
  • Find out about the five simple, but powerful rules for parents
  • Learn six reasons why punishment does not bring about meaningful change in children
  • Learn how to obtain appropriate behavior from your kids
  • Open the lines of communication
  • And, have them develop sound decision making skills

Our children don't need to be "fixed",
parents need to become better at what they do.


Parenting With Dignity encourages parents and caregivers to rethink their approach to discipline, punishment and empowerment. PWD advocates permitting children to make some of their own decisions, and to experience the consequences early on - so that they can act responsibly when away from parents, or under peer pressure, so they become more independent as they grow older.

Mac Bledsoe, President and founder of Parenting With Dignity, is a parent, school teacher, coach and gifted author. The premise of his Parenting with Dignity philosophy is...


"Our children will make all of the most important decisions in their lives - on their own. As parents, the only thing we can do is teach them how to make good decisions".



Do you know the Warning Signs?

Learn the warning signs of drugs and alcohol use, gangs & school violence, underage smoking, online risks... browse our new parents resource.  Plus, see our new addition, substance abuse treatment centers, programs and related resources.



What's New

Our Books

Parenting With Dignity

Just re-released for it's second printing and now in softcover.  Available in all major bookstores ... but you can order your copy here and Mac will sign it FREE.  See why John Stossel of ABC's 20/20 says this is a must readBuy it now!


The Early Years

Just Released!  Mac Bledsoe's newest parenting book... Learn the five rules for resolving the most common challenges with children two to six. The perfect companion to Mac's other book and videos. 

If you order your copy here... Mac Bledsoe will sign it FREE - A must for every parent of toddlers.  Buy it now!

Our Videos


Parenting With Dignity on DVD

To get the most out of Parenting With Dignity, you must watch the dvds.  Mac's unique style of instruction, and his distinctive narrative is mesmerizing.
Learn more | Buy

Mac's lessons hit home in a way that make you want to watch the entire series in one sitting. The program consists of nine one-hour sessions of innovative curriculum that are intended to be viewed one video at a time with an associated assignment to use in your own home. Most people find the curriculum to be of most value when viewed with other parents in their community so that they help to build a whole community of parents using similar techniques in raising their kids! Learn how to obtain appropriate behavior from your children, open the lines of communication and have them develop sound decision making skills. 

With the DVDs you won't believe the picture and sound quality, and the added functionality of the DVD menu options. The DVDs have the same content as VHS, but the DVDs include a bonus Spanish language track so you can listen in English or Español.

A FREE parents workbook and Facilitators Guide accompanies the videos.  The workbook is designed to be used concurrently with the videos. It includes further explanations of the concepts along with many exercises and practical applications for parents to use with their families.  Print your FREE copyright approved workbook.  


Paternidad Con Dignidad ahora ofrece el libro de trabajo para los padres en Español, presione aquí.



Expect More...
What you will learn from PWD

Ideally, the video course is best viewed by groups of parents over a period of time. We have found that the best results are obtained when viewed in small groups with a discussion following each module. Lessons are designed to be viewed in sequence, although if viewed individually, you will gain practical new skills for working with children. Topics include...

  • A Model of Human Performance - A logical explanation of the role self-esteem plays in controlling human behavior.  Learn how "The ideas in their heads rule their world."
  • 5 Rules for Parents - Discover five simple, but very powerful techniques to use daily to persuade kids to do what you want while feeling good about themselves.
  • Messages of Love - The surest way to build self-esteem in kids is to let them know they are loved. Learn practical, innovative ways to comfortably tell kids they are loved.
  • Goal Setting - Do you want kids to realize their dreams? Discover "the three P's of goal setting."
  • Making Value Choices - Help your kids realize that "acquiring things, money or status is not the way to judge success."  Help your children make critical decisions in their value selection.
  • Roadblocks to Success - Learn about the behaviors that stand in the way of achieving goals and maximizing their potential and how to adjust those behaviors.
  • Why Punishment Doesn't Work - Six reasons why punishment does not bring about meaningful change in kids.  Teach children how to make good choices on their own.
  • and much, much more...
How you will benefit from your investment in the Parenting with Dignity program
  • Develop appropriate behavior in your children - Watch your kids develop a sense of pride in their behavior, and develop a deep sense of accountability for their actions.
  • Raise happy, self-directed children - Help them develop a deep sense of their value structure.
  • Help children acquire sound decision making skills - Guide them to make decisions based upon well-developed values.
  • Help children to become confirmed in their self-worth - Learn to how give children the gift of unconditional parental love.
  • Ultimately, build safer schools - Raise happier children and a decreased need for disciplinary action because students come to school with self-discipline instilled at home.
  • Create a sense of calm in your relationship with your children - Guide them toward a lifetime of giving and earning respect.
  • Build happy homes - Create open lines of communication.
  • Decrease drug use, violence, and crime among teens - Raise children armed to resist dangerous temptations.
  • Help employers with lower absenteeism - Create families with less strife and heightened employee productivity due to workers being fulfilled at home.







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Get the most out of Parenting With Dignity, take the Website Tour!  If this is your first visit to Parenting With Dignity, take a moment to learn about our program.  Finally, you will discover a common sense approach to parenting kids that is simple, easily understood, applicable in most any situation, and very intuitive.  Also, be sure to sign up for our FREE monthly newsletter.

Foundation Profile

Parenting With Dignity® is a resource where parents learn new, essential parenting skills giving them the tools necessary to create an encouraging, and loving home for their children. We contact parents through youth groups, agencies and Juvenile Court Services rather than public schools, because schools are already inundated with unrealistic expectations to "fix what’s wrong with American Youth."


The Parenting With Dignity® program will improve the lives of children by promoting and teaching effective parenting skills. 

Hear Mac on the radio every weekday

Mac's message often includes comments about the community's role in raising children. Mac walks the talk and is very involved in the community where he and Barbara live. Every weekday you can hear Mac's parenting advice on Whitefish Radio's online broadcast.  Tune in to Whitefish Radio


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