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RSS -- Really Simple Syndication

What is RSS?

RSS allows you to automatically receive new articles and information as they are posted online.  RSS is simply a more efficient way to get the information you're looking for.

How do I use RSS?

You will need an RSS reader or a service that offers RSS such as My MSN or My Yahoo!  A stand-alone RSS reader allows you to find feeds and subscribe to them, so that content is delivered to you.

After you have subscribed to a feed, headlines will begin to flow to your reader. When you see a topic that interests you, just click on it to read the entire article. 

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NOTE:  To add live RSS feeds you will need a server side script that allows you to add fully dynamic RSS feeds to your web pages. We use a program called RSS Equalizer.  It works great, they offer a 100% guarantee and will even install it for you (for an additional charge). Check out RSS Equalizer
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