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Order PWD on DVDPWD on DVD

You won't believe the video quality...and the added functionality of the DVD menu options.  You can watch DVD's on most computer DVD drives and all players (USA).  10 Parenting With Dignity® videos on 3 DVDs. 

Spanish language track

In addition to all the enhancements that DVD offers over VHS, you can now choose a Spanish language translation.  Emilio Gallegos of Moreno Valley, CA spent many weeks providing an accurate word-by-word translation of the entire Parenting With Dignity video series and parents workbook. 

Pricing & Delivery

Now you have a choice, VHS or DVD, but cost will not be a determining factor.  In keeping with our mission of reaching as many people as possible, we are not charging a premium for the DVD collection.  It is available for the same low cost as our VHS videos.  Get it today for only $99.95 (including shipping).  Click here to order your DVDs!

FREE Workbook

A FREE parents workbook and Facilitators Guide accompanies the videos.  The workbook is designed to be used concurrently with the videos. It includes further explanations of the concepts along with many exercises and practical applications for parents to use with their families.  Download your FREE workbook.

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