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Parenting With Dignity by Mac Bledsoe - Books and videos for parents



What we do

Parenting with Dignity  videos and books teaches parents how to instill a sense of responsible decision making in their kids.  A positive approach to parenting that is simple, easily understood, applicable in any situation, and incredibly intuitive.

Much more...

PWD is a whole lot more than just parenting videos and books. The Parenting With Dignity program provides a demonstrated framework for raising kids in a time when external pressures have never been greater.

5-point plan

In this ground breaking program, the author, Mac Bledsoe, urges parents to rethink their approach to discipline.  As an example, he recommends that parents let kids make some of their own decisions to experience the consequences early on.  In this way, they will learn to act responsibly when left alone, and become more independent when they grow older. 

Get beyond crisis management

Fundamental to the Parenting With Dignity curriculum is a focus on developing parenting skills that help to address many of the child abuse causes perpetrated by inexperienced and unprepared parents. Help your kids to realize their dreams by:

  • Discovering "the three P's of goal setting" 

  • Find out about the five simple, but powerful rules for parents

  • Learn six reasons why punishment does not bring about meaningful change in children

  • Learn how to obtain appropriate behavior from your kids

  • Open the lines of communication

  • And, have them develop sound decision making skills

Our children don't need to be "fixed",
parents need to become better at what they do.

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