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    #11 -  Drew Bledsoe
We are proud to have NFL SuperStar Quarterback Drew Bledsoe solidly behind The Internet Toy Drive. Drew is NO stranger to helping families having put 2 million of his own dollars into Parenting With Dignity, a powerful program that improves the lives of children by promoting and teaching effective parenting skills. Here's what Drew has to say about The Internet Toy Drive:

"I wholeheartedly urge everyone to click on the donate page of The Internet Toy Drive to help the U.S. Marines help kids this Christmas. Rick and Anne, you are going to make Christmas a LOT brighter for SO many needy children in America, and you have my total support and blessing! "

A Special Thank You to:

Tom Heatherington, creator of TheFlagPole.com and TheInternetBook.com for 'introducing' us to Drew and your great works together and  for playing a major role in Helping Us Help Kids!

Rozey Gean of Marketing-seek.com for her gracious donation of time and talents in the design of the banners and installation of scripts on this site.

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jl scott PH.D The International Council of Online Professionals

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Dr. Ralph Wilson Wilson Web

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Marianne E. Payton AstrologicInsights.com

Harry Pickett HeadLand.com

Glennette Yelverton Premium Web Design and Hosting

Tony Trupiano The Tony Show

Bob Massa SearchKing.com

John Harricharan EnterprisingSpirit.com

Harvey Segal SuperTips

Paul Meyers TalkBiz.com

Yanik Silver SureFire Marketing

Click here to put a gift under the tree of a needy child in your community

Chris Widener Made for Success

Butch James 

Mike Litman The Mike Litman Radio Show

Al Hughes (for Jamie:-) The Digital Denizen

Jan Tallent-Dandridge Marketing Warrioress

Thomas Bihl BizJunction

Bobbette Madonna ShopMyState

Butch Pujol Safe Internet Business Solutions

Jim Peters NSI Solutions

Dan Shafer Shafer Media

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George Tran  1ShoppingCart.com

Linda and David Moore  NaturesHealing.com

Rexanne Mancini  Rexanne.com

Ryan Hill  HillRunner.com

Joel Christopher  SuccessAccess.com

Leon Smith  Income-Makers.com

Steve Clack  The Profit Train News

Evonne Llewellyn Success Solutions

Diane Hughes Pro Biz Tips Weekly

Carolyn Shafer Well Rounded Woman

Click here to put a gift under the tree of a needy child in your community

Jinger Jarrett JingerJarrett.com

Debra L. Morse Prosperity1.com

Robin Forbes Pencil Dude's Picks

Reagan D. Lynch First Consumer Watch  

George Callens  CyberDell

Talk America Radio Networks  TalkAmerica.com

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Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian  EzineMarketingCenter

Michelle Nations  Domain of My Own

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Paul Bauer  Dreams Alive


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