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Mac and Drew Bledsoe Recognized

Pop Warner and the Drew Bledsoe Foundation have been working together for  years in an effort to educate both young people and adults alike.

Mac and Drew Bledsoe were in Phoenix in Arizona of 2000 for the 41st Annual Pop Warner Awards Program where Mac delivered the keynote address and Drew received Pop Warner’s Inspiration to Youth Award for his efforts to improve the lives of children.

Mac was quoted as saying "the core message would be that if you view Pop Warner for your children as only being about dance, or only being about cheering, or only being about football, then you missed the point.


Pop Warner Little Scholars is a laboratory. It’s about teaching children in which you can teach them that their ideas and actions determine the outcomes they get in life…that they are not victims, that they’re participants in their own lives.

And the Little Scholars program, you wouldn’t have any access to those kids to talk to them about scholarship if it weren’t a part of competitive athletics and competitive cheer and dance.


I coached football for 29 years. It was never about football. It was always about something else that I was teaching them that was at a higher plane. Every week of every season that I ever coached, I always had a theme. We would talk about competitive greatness, we would talk about family, we would talk about reliability, dependability. And then we’d build that into something and then we’d see that thinking about those moral things gave us a better chance to win." (Read the whole story)


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