Graduation Day

Graduation day for inmates of the Idaho State Corrections facility are greeted by Mrs. Kempthorne, First Lady of Idaho and Mac Bledsoe. Drew Bledsoe has been very involved in this prison initiative, attending classes and talking to inmates.

The Idaho State Correctional Institution in Orofino, Idaho has been using Parenting with Dignity with their inmates in their very innovative educational program.

The results have been amazing. As inmates use the tapes to consider how they can be more effective parents to their children the first thing that happens is that their own behavior improves!

Next, they learn the skills to go out into the very community that produced their own criminal behavior and be a force for change on behalf of the kids in that community.

It has shown awesome results. Breaking the crime cycle, and changing criminal thinking is key to reducing crime. Parenting with Dignity is a critical piece of the puzzle to do just that!

Governor and Mrs. Kempthorne are key to making this work because they may be a couple of the most innovative thinkers about prison reform and prison education. They have been extremely supportive in our efforts to build the link into prisons.

These pictures show Mac and Drew Bledsoe visiting the institution.


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