1995 Excellence in Education
Crystal Apple Awards Program Letter of Support

Yakima County Juvenile Court

Consolidated Juvenile Services and the Yakima County Juvenile Court have had the privilege and opportunity to benefit from the many talents and gifts Mac Bledsoe has to offer parents and staff.

Working with Mac to arrange youth skills classes, parenting classes and staff in-service training has been an extremely rewarding experience for me. Not only did he make coordination an effortless task with his easy-going nature, but I gained a tremendous amount of insight into parenting and self-esteem techniques for youth and adults alike.  My relationship with my family is healthier as a result of implementing Macís uncomplicated, down-to-earth methods of relaying love and acceptance to each of them. Staff and parents have expressed a great deal of gratitude for Macís sharing of information, time and dedication to young people.  Many of the parenting class students indicated feelings of being ďre-energizedĒ and motivated to
cope with their childrenís behavior.

In addition to personally reaping the benefits of Macís instruction, some of us at work have seen firsthand how Macís teaching methods work with young people.  One particular young man had tried practically every school in town with little success until he met Mac.  Mac has managed to help this young man stay in school and start to see, maybe for the first time, that he is a worthwhile young individual.  Mac goes far beyond the call of duty with his students by being available to them at all times.  Iíve seen Mac visit young
people at the detention center after school when no one else would have bothered.  He is constantly giving messages of self-worth to his students.

Mac has an engaging sense of humor and easiness about him that puts everyone at ease.  He uses life experiences to present important messages in very meaningful ways which have a positive impact on parents and staff.  His curriculum and class material is uncomplicated and easy to follow.  Mac is also sensitive to the multi-cultural differences which exist within staff, parents and youth.  I especially like the way he draws people out about their specific cultures and helps class members to learn more about heritage and belief systems.

I have had the pleasure to see Mac work with adults as well as young people. Macís talent and capacity to empathize, combined with his ability to motivate in a dynamic way, reaches out to all ages.

I have seldom seen such enthusiasm and zeal for teaching and helping promote self-esteem in youngsters as I see in Mac.  His dedication and commitment to helping parents and children set and achieve goals is exemplary to say the least.

Our society would greatly benefit by having more people with Macís desire and sincere devotion to making a positive difference in the lives of our children.  Parents, staff and students join me in recognizing Mac as an
extraordinary man who truly deserves special recognition as an educator.

Robyn D. Berndt


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