Correctional Education Association
Conference in Boise, Idaho

Mac and Barbara Bledsoe attended the Region 6 Correctional Education Association Conference in Boise, Idaho, November 4-6, 2001.

Correctional Educators from Idaho, Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Alberta, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories participated in the conference with the theme, "Putting the Pieces Together".

Mac presented material from the Drew Bledsoe Foundation, Parenting with Dignity curriculum which is currently being used in several prison schools. He emphasized the importance of teaching parenting skills to prisoners as they are an an "at risk" population in need of social and family life skills development.

He presented workshops and was the luncheon keynote speaker on the closing day of the conference. Mac and Barbara visited with CEA educators throughout the conference about correctional education and parenting curriculum.

Mac met National CEA President Patricia Franklin and National CEA Executive Director Steven Stuerer and talked about the parenting skill development for prisoners. The Foundation has a goal to create a Parenting with Dignity segment for incarcerated people if sufficient funds can be raised.

Barbara Bledsoe and Jim Rehder
Barbara Bledsoe and Jim Rehder, Education Program Manager-ICI-O
Mac Bledsoe
Mac Bledsoe
Mac and Barbara Bledsoe
Mack and Barbara Bledsoe meeting with attendees.

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