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Internet Safety Tips For Parents

(Dealing with spam, pornography and pop-up ads)

Dear Parents and Supporters:

Every month we try to offer interesting parenting articles and an "Ask Mac" segment to assist you with the toughest job you'll ever have.  This month, we are offering support in a different area. . . helping your family deal with the perils and pitfalls of the Internet. 

As many of you know, our Foundation has embraced the Internet as our primary means of reaching and communicating with our constituents about our curriculum.  We have the utmost respect for all the positive aspects of the Internet.  Unfortunately, with all its potential and significant applications, the Internet can be a very dangerous place for youngsters - and an aggravating experience for the rest of us. 

Ask anyone what bothers them the most about using the Net and you'll usually get the same response... spam, unsolicited pornography and pop-up ads.  In addition, as parents we have serious concerns about the problems surrounding "chat rooms", online predators, violent and hate mongering websites, and other Internet "attractions".  We can't hope to solve all of these issues here, but hopefully our suggestions will help you regain some control of your family's Internet experience.

As a website owner whose email address is available for all to access, spam used to be a terrible waste of our resources.  We have received as many as 1,000+ unsolicited emails in one day.  Sorting through spam used to sap hours from our days. After much research and trying countless different solutions, we finally found something that really works.  Knowing that you faced similar problems, we wanted to share this with you and thought we'd also discuss some other issues you face online.  I asked our "resident geek" Tom, to talk about these problems and tell us how to solve them.

Stay safe and warmest regards,

 Mac Bledsoe

PS: Friends, take heart, there are things you can do to make the Internet less annoying for you and safer for your children.  You really can block unwanted spam and get rid of pop-ups.  Without further delay, let's talk about some solutions. 

Pop-Up Advertisements

Nothing is more annoying than the pop-ups (and pop-under ads) that are forced upon us when we visit many sites.  And, did you know that pop-ups can clutter to the point of shutting down your browser and ruining your Internet experience?  Here's a solution that will rid your computer of annoying pop-ups for good.

Our recommendation:  Get the free Google toolbar at  Downloading this free toolbar offers a bunch of helpful browser add-ons, but the pop-up blocker alone is worth its weight in gold.

Get a free toolbar that blocks pop-ups

This handy toolbar installs automatically and you can configure it to do a number of things for you such as filing out forms automatically, highlighting search words, etc. Also you can choose to allow pop-ups on sites you select.

You can eliminate spam (really)


We all get email, but there are some that your children just shouldn't see.  Much of the trash that pours into our inboxes would make a sailor blush and our children shouldn't be exposed to it.  No amount of legislation is going to solve this problem any time soon - this is something we have to do for ourselves.  Almost all spam is generated by computers, not people and most return addresses are phony.  In most cases, there's nobody to prosecute (or they host offshore).

In our opinion, the only way to receive the mail you want and block the junk is to catch the spam BEFORE it gets to your inbox.  Then ask the sender to prove they are a real person and not a machine. 

This kind of service is called "challenge / response" and it eliminates 99.9% of the spam you would normally receive.  The best service we've discovered is SpamArrest and they'll let you try it for free.

In addition, you can upload the email addresses in your address book so that all of your contacts are automatically "authorized" to send you mail.  Spam Arrest works with Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Incredimail, and any other email program that supports the POP3 protocol. To learn more about this incredible service, visit SpamArrest and read their FAQs


What is "spyware"?  Software that is placed on your machine to track your surfing habits and sends data to a third party without your knowledge.  It can also hijack your browser start page and even modify important system files.  Spyware is also responsible for some of the pop-ups and spam you receive.  It is recommended that you remove spyware from your computer.  There are free programs available such as AdAware by Lavasoft or SpyBot Search & Destroy

Once you install these programs, be sure to check for updates before starting your search.  Anything either program finds can be safely removed.  Free software that requires spyware to run will no longer function once the spyware portion has been removed.  For more information on removing Spyware visit this Web Pro News page.

Don't Fall for the "Do Not E-mail List" Scam

The Federal Trade Commission is warning about a scam site that purports to let you sign up for a "do not e-mail" list (similar to the national "do not call" list). The site at, while it states that it is privately run, imitates the look of the FTC's Do Not Call Registry site. The FTC is concerned that the site may actually be for the purpose of collecting e-mail addresses for spam lists. Here's the story:  



${token1}, our purpose in discussing these issues is to share what we've learned about blocking spam and pop-ups hoping that this may help to protect children. We are not giving a "formal endorsement" or guarantees that these ideas will work for everybody. We also cannot offer technical support for these services. Our goal is to help you and share the results of our research and experience.  We also state that if you decide to purchase SpamArrest using our link that our Foundation will receive a commission for that sale.  If you have questions about these services or products, please direct them to the service/product providers.  Thank you.







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Next month we will have a new article from Mac and a new "Ask Mac" question.  We hope you don't mind that we deviated from our normal newsletter structure, but we've had so many parents ask us about these issues we thought we'd devote one issue to Internet safety tips.



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