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Mac and Barbara Bledsoe

Mac & Barbara Bledsoe


Mac & Barbara

Parents - Teachers - Motivational Speakers

Mac and Barbara Bledsoe have been talking with parents for more than 25 years about how to help instill positive behavior and good decision-making skills in their children.

Whether a PTA convention, an athletic banquet, a high school graduation, a corporate workshop, a national conference, a teacher workshop, or a community meeting - Mac and Barbara brings their common sense, humorous, highly motivational messages to audiences.

You will laugh; you will cry. Mac and Barbara will touch your head and your heart as they guide you through important messages about working and growing up with children.

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Seminar Topics
  • A Model of Human Performance - A very logical explanation of the role of self-esteem in controlling human behavior. Learn how "The ideas in your head rule your world."
  • 5 Rules for Parents - Learn five simple, practical - but, very powerful - techniques to use daily to get kids to do what you want while feeling good about themselves.
  • Messages of Love - The surest way to build self-esteem in kids is to let them know they're loved. Learn practical, innovative ways to comfortably tell kids they are loved.
  • Goal Setting - Do you want kids to realize their dreams? This is the seminar for you. Learn "The Three P's of Goal Setting."
  • Making Value Choices - Help your kids realize that "acquiring things, money or status is not the only way to judge success." Help your children make critical decisions in their value selection.
  • Empowering Kids - This is the ideal symposium for both adults and children. Kids learn how to sort the world into areas they can control and those they cannot. Adults learn how to help kids make good decisions.
  • Roadblocks to Success - Discover about the behaviors that stand in the way of our achieving our goals and maximizing our potential and how to adjust those behaviors.
  • Why Punishment Doesn't Work - Six reasons why punishment does not bring about meaningful change in kids. Lead children to make good choices on their own.
  • The Bledsoe Lottery - Aimed at young people, this seminar helps kids realize that in order to get something from life, it is necessary to give something first.
  • Where to Start - This discussion guides kids to realize, "The best way to get the job I want is to do the very best with the one I already have".
  • Choices - "How do I pick what I want to be?" This discussion will address very practical, step-by-step ways to help kids answer this important question.

    Mac can tailor a workshop or seminar to fit any audience, and often makes multiple presentations including day sessions for students, afternoons for teachers, and evenings for parents.

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